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April Town Meeting Approves Article 34, Funding for National Historic District Preservation Planner
Thank You for supporting Historic Preservation in Southborough! 

Why is the Southborough Historical Commission in favor of a National Register Historic District?

The Southborough Historical Commission (SHC) is excited to announce a proposal to create a National Register Historic District (NRHD) in the Main Street area downtown.

SHC believes it is perfect time to recognize the historic importance of Southborough’s downtown Main Street area, which has a precious collection of historic buildings, including houses, two churches, municipal buildings, commercial buildings, a renowned private school and the Town Common.

NRHD is a purely honorary designation, and DOES NOT impose ANY restrictions on property owners, it is therefore an ideal way to foster a sense of community pride in Southborough.

​In a nutshell, a National Register Historic District in Southborough will provide All Upside — No Downside.

What’s the difference between a National Register District and a local Historic District?

Main Street and Downtown

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